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What is Rudral?

Rudral is a media agency based in Fethiye whose solutions are in digital media. Our main products are corporate websites, 3D games and mobile applications.


By pre-planning of what you want to achieve, we gain more healthy returns for your desired projects as user values. So we are shaping your product creation and management with your own inputs.


Regardless of which industry you are in, we serve you by providing solutions that add long-term values to your projects. We help you achieve the results you are aiming for.

Web Softwares and Applications Development

We develop your corporate website in accordance with your brand identity via modern web standards. We design and customize your content-management-system only for you and your needs.

Reports, SEO and Digital Marketing

All of our software infrastructures are SEO compatible so that your new customers can find you on the internet. We are ready to advise you with our online strategies that can meet your expectations of your target audience.


We have bright ideas for your e-commerce share in your sector and customer satisfaction.

Content Layout

You are not alone in setting the content of your site. We are at your side for content that suits you and the industry.

Brand Management

Your trademark integration with the digital world is in good hands with us by our engineering and brand management specialities.

Social Networks

We are ready to speed up your branding with our social media consulting and infrastructure services.

You don't need advanced technical info

The product interface has a simple and understandable design, so you can access your system easily and quickly. Our products has been developed in a way that you can quickly adapt to any kind of usage.


Robust infrastructure and qualified software.

Security is vital for digital projects. Reliability improves the quality of software while decreasing the cost and production time of correctly developed digital products.

From the very beginning of our production process, we are avoiding all problems with high potential for emerging by acting on safety principles.


A New Era: Games

It's time to transform your dream game idea into reality. Here are some of your advantages ...

  • E-sports are watched more than traditional sports.
  • Digital distribution.
  • Globally, your clients are 12-35 year olds.
  • PC, console and mobile platform options.
  • 360 degree VR virtual reality privileges.
  • Finally, great graphics and action!

Game, Fun and Art

The world of digital gaming, indispensable to having a good time, gives you the opportunity to experience life and adventure in artistic worlds that are not possible in real life.

Interface and Graphics

In-game menus and 2D · 3D player-vehicle-space effects are developed specifically for your game and are supported by sound effects.

Platform Selection and Software

Games developed for platforms such as mobile or PC are providing real-life gameplay experiences with VR virtual reality glasses.

Multi Player Infrastructure

The excitement of the game increases exponentially with live teammates and competitors provided by connecting many players to each other over the internet.


Mobile World Integrated Solutions

Mobile application development allows many features that can not be provided by a normal website to the user.

Life is in Mobile

With the development of technology and therefore the increased use of smartphones, the need for mobile applications for enterprise companies has also increased rapidly. Mobile solutions have become the basic necessity of every company besides their web sites.

Smartphone users spend as much as 70% of their screen time on mobile apps. Let's unleash your potential together.



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